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What Differentiates Laser Hair Removal?

You’ve heard all the talk but still wonder how laser hair removal works?

The laser procedure is one of the most effective treatments for permanently removing unwanted facial and body hair. The many advantages of laser hair removal far outweigh any risks that are involved with the procedure. However, one of the more interesting aspects of laser hair removal is that the results cannot be generalized. Every individual will respond differently to the laser hair removal process.

So, what makes an ideal candidate for laser hair removal?

Many people incorrectly assume that a person only needs to be financially capable of paying for the multiple treatments, to be an ideal candidate. Multiple sessions are generally required to attain a more permanent hair removal result.

While ability to pay is an important consideration, what is more important is what type of pigment does a laser hair removal candidate possess. Pigment is what gives color to skin and also to hair. Generally speaking, the darker the color of a person’s hair compared to the skin tone, the better the candidate for laser hair removal. This is why candidates with dark, coarse body hair and light skin have a greater success rate than light or red-haired individuals or individuals with dark or tanned skin.

Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its color. To be effective as a hair removal process, the melanin must be able to absorb the energy that is produced by the laser, which will generate a considerable amount of heat. Inside the hair follicle, the melanin surrounds the structure that is responsible for germinating hair. Once the absorbed laser energy destroys the melanin, this structure is no longer protected. The excessive amount of heat that is generated will damage the hair germination structure which is what actually ceases future hair growth in that follicle.

It is this process that makes laser one of the most successful hair removal methods on the market for long lasting results. When compared to other hair removal options, laser wins hands down!

However, because tanned or dark skin contains a significant amount melanin, it may lessen the effectiveness of the laser treatments. This darker skin can absorb a greater portion of the laser light and energy, making it more difficult for laser to penetrate to the hair follicle. This may require more sessions for the permanent result that is desired.

The fact is that skin absorption must be kept to a minimum for laser hair removal to be effective. Keeping the skin cool during the procedure is an important factor in inhibiting the skin’s absorption of laser energy. One of the modern day options in keeping the skin temperature cool is to use the latest ‘multi pulsing’ laser technology. As the name implies, laser energy is pulsed or interrupted, rather than streamed. Due to this pulsing effect, less heat is delivered which helps to cool and protect the skin.

TIP: Understanding the various capabilities of the different types of hair removal lasers will help make your selection of a laser hair removal clinic that much easier!