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Laser Hair Removal Adelaide

Laser hair removal, upper bodyLaser hair removal is the most effective method for long term removal of unwanted body hair. The Lightsheer Diode Laser (class 4 medical grade) which we use is safe and clinical studies have shown it to be highly effective for hair removal.

The Diode laser works by projecting a beam of light which is converted to heat and conducted down the shaft of the hair to the hair follicle. The laser is calibrated to target pigment (melanin) in the growing hair. This means that the hair follicle is destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue.

An initial consultation is required prior to treatment where a technician will assess your skin type and hair growth to see if you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. A test patch is performed before treatments begin to assess the reaction of your skin to the laser.

The target area is shaved before treatment so that the surface hair does not absorb the laser energy. We carefully photo-document and monitor the entire treatment process along with our clients.

Because the laser only acts on  hair follicles that are in an active growth phase (approx 10-30% at any one time), more than one treatment will be required to kill the  hair follicles that subsequently enter this growth phase.

Laser hair removal close upOther factors that may affect the number of treatments required include your skin type, age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medications and metabolism.

Since darker hair tends to have higher pigment content, the laser is most effective on dark brown or black hair. Darker tones of red and blonde hair are also treated effectively with the laser. White or grey hair can be treated if there is enough pigment in the hair shaft to conduct the energy of the laser beam. This can be assessed by test patching.

There may be a little discomfort and some areas are more sensitive than others, however, there is a cooling system within the hand piece which significantly reduces discomfort. Skin may appear slightly red after laser hair removal treatment. This normally subsides within a few hours.

The use of a non-irritating sunscreen and avoidance of sun-exposure for a few weeks prior and after laser hair removal treatment is imperative. In general, a high factor sunscreen should be used daily to keep the skin healthy and prevent sun damage and wrinkles