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What is the Difference Between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

Both treatments produce energy in order to disrupt the growth cycle of each hair follicle to reduce hair without damaging the surrounding tissues.
The main difference between Laser Hair Removal and IPL lies in the technology that each method uses to generate the light.

Laser Machines produce a single wavelength of light which has a specific target . Laser machines create more heat directed at the hair follicle than IPL systems, which achieves better results.
The heat from the Laser Machine is absorbed by the follicle and not the skin, therefore there is a decreased risk of burning, which makes Laser a safer option for darker skinned individuals.

IPL plays an important role in the treatment of the skin, such as treating pigmentation and fine blood vessels, however for Hair Removal IPL isn’t as effective as Laser.
IPL’S are not lasers, however they do produce a spectrum of wavelengths (like a light bulb.) Because there are many different wavelengths are dispersed at a variety of depths, only some of these will be effective for hair reduction.

Laser Technology is simply more effective, and does achieve better results whilst also being safe for all skin colours opposed to IPL which is only suitable for lighter skin tones.