The Adelaide Laser Hair Clinic

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…….

The Adelaide Laser Hair Clinic uses Class 4 Medical Lasers including the DUET LIGHTSHEER LASER which is exclusive to the Adelaide Laser Hair Clinic.

The DUET LIGHTSHEER LASER is specifically designed with two hand pieces the ET which cools beforehand and targets smaller areas and the larger HS which treats the larger areas. The HS hand piece uses suction action as opposed to a cooling system which reduces the pain associated with other laser treatment. Men’s backs and chests are treated in half the time as well as smaller areas including the face. Both men and women will find the DUET LASER treatment both effective and comfortable making the DUET LIGHTSHEER a leader in its class (refer to the DUET LASER page for further information).

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Our friendly and experienced technicians are fully trained and happy to discuss all your personal needs at a free consultation and attend to your needs throughout all the treatments including your follow-up care. Call and book an appointment now and receive an extra 10% off your first treatment when you mention the website.

Laser hair removal is not just for Women…. MEN now more than ever are enjoying the benefits of smooth, hairless skin.